Euro Cylinder Locks

A Euro Cylinder lock or pin tumbler lock, which was its original description when 1st patented in 1805, is used as a locking mechanism to operate a lock case with a euro shaped hole. The Euro Cylinder is located through the lock case and the key rotates a cam which in turn drives the deadbolt in the lock case into a prepared keep in the frame of the door thus securing the door in place.

Euro Profile cylinder locks are by far the most popular locks in todays modern homes and businesses. Euro Cylinders are very versatile hence there popularity amongst Locksmiths and customers alike

The standard Euro Cylinder is the most common cylinder lock used by your local locksmith and Newbiggin Locksmith stock a full range of Euro Profile locks so if you have a problem with your lock Newbiggin Locksmith can quickly diagnose the problem and fit a new lock in no time at all.

Every cylinder lock is different and has a different key so one cylinder key will not operate another.

Typically the Euro Profile Cylinder or Euro Lock Barrel as it is sometimes referred come in a variety of lengths typically 40mm to 50mm for single or half Euro Cylinder locks and 60mm up to 120mm as standard length Euro Cylinders in equal lengths either side of the central cam, for example a 70mm length standard Euro Profile Cylinder lock will measure 35mm either side of the operating cam. And a 80mm 40mm either side of the cam and so on.

With uPVC doors unequal or offset Euro Cylinder Locks have become the norm. Again sizes vary from 70mm up to 120mm, for example a 85mm lock will measure one side of the cam 40mm and the other side 45mm and so on up to 120mm. This is again expanded to accommodate Euro Cylinder locks with Thumb Turns or Knobs so that a key is not required to operate the euro cylinder by way of a key from the inside of the property, this is particularly popular with some Fire Authorities as they deem it safer to use Euro Cylinder Locks with thumb Turns in particular for final exits.

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