The History Of Locks

The history of mechanical locks started over 6 thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, where a local locksmith first managed to create simple but effective pin tumbler lock that was made entirely from wood. It consisted of the wooden post that was affixed to the door, and a horizontal bolt that slid into the post. This bolt had set of openings which were filled with pins. Specially designed large and heavy wooden key was shaped like modern toothbrush with pegs that corresponded to the holes and pins in the lock. This key could be inserted into opening and lifted, which would move the pins and allow security bolt to be moved. During 1st millennia BC, locks finally started improving with the technologies and designs that were introduced by Greeks and Romans. Greek locks were commonly viewed as unsecure, but they gave inspiration to the Roman innovators who quickly managed to improve upon Greek and Egyptian locks by introducing metals as their primary materials. By utilizing iron locks, Romans were finally able not only to have very strong protection against brute-force attacks, but also keys were for the first time small that they could be worn in pockets, on as a pendant or even infused into rings. During this time wards were also developed, ensuring that only correct key with correct shape of projections can push corresponding pins before lock could rotate and throw the bolt.

A lot of time has past since those early locks. But many of the same aspects remain in locks today. But thankfully locks have moved on with the times and the need for added security. Here at Newbiggin Locksmith we only use British Standard and insurance approved locks to keep you, your family, your home and possessions safe.

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