5 Signs Your Multipoint Lock Is Failing

Multipoint locks on your uPVC and Composite doors are just one of the great ways of securing your home. However just like any other mechanical part multipoint locks are prone to wear and tear, extremely hot and cold weather and misuse. Even though they are a strong and hard working part of your door, now and again they will need to be replaced. As soon as you experience any of the "5 signs" below it's strongly recommended that you call you're local locksmith as soon as possible. If not your multipoint lock will continue to weaken and you could find yourself locked of your property when it fails completely at probably the worst time ever! It could also leave you're home open to attack from burglars as it is much easier to get through a door with a faulty multipoint lock.

So check the "5 signs" below and see if you need to call Newbiggin Locksmith for a free no obligation quote.

1. Your door handle feels loose and flops down.

2. You find you need to use excessive force on the handle when opening and closing your door.

3. The locking points down the locking strip and the keeps in the frame begin to show signs of wear and damage.

4. You can feel or hear your door handle grinding or crunching when you open and close your door.

5. One or all of the locking points fail to function when you lift the handle.

If you check out the "5 signs" on your door for your home or business and find that your multipoint locking system isn't working correctly, then act fast and call Newbiggin Locksmiths today. We will give you the advice and service that will make your home or business safe again. Newbiggin Locksmiths cover a wide area of Tyneside and Northumberland so if you need a Locksmith in Ashington, a Locksmith in Blyth, a Locksmith in Cramlington a Locksmith in Newcastle or a Locksmith in Northumberland, Newbiggin Locksmith are your local 24 hour locksmith you can rely on and trust.