How to be safe in an unsafe world

In my job as a Master Locksmith I see this quite a lot. Although the door and lock work perfectly fine, the wrong size lock has been fitted leaving your family and your home vulnerable to attack. The minimum distance allowed for a lock protruding from the handle is 5mm and anything else is not only an eyesore but is also very dangerous. But did you know that your home may not be insured because of it as well? That’s right, if you don’t have the correct locks fitted on your exit and entry points of your property your insurance will be invalid. It will be not only invalid for burglary but for all claims made on your policy. So fitting the correct lock is critical to your and your families wellbeing. Newbiggin locksmith is your local locksmith who will fit new insurance approved locks for a low cost. From just £64.99 we would supply and fit a new lock to make your insurance valid again and keep you and your family safe. So give Newbiggin Locksmiths your 24 hour emergency locksmith a call on 0753928816 or visit the Newbiggin locksmith website for the cheapest locksmith near you guaranteed.